Who are we ?

ERASME, Institut du travail social (Social Work Institute) offers advanced degree and tailor-made training in the field of social work. The institute engages in a prospective dynamic, in the anticipation of emerging social issues on our territory or in our society. ERASME innovates continuously at the pedagogical level, by working with networks of researchers in social sciences in France and in Europe.

ERASME offers courses for the following diplomas and certifications:

  • DEME - Educator Monitor (social worker) – French official diploma (level 4/High school diploma)
  • DEES - Specialized Educator (social worker) – French official diploma (level 6/Licence)
  • Canine mediation in social structures (French official certification)
  • Coordination of activities and projects in the social and health field (In the process of certification)

ERASME also provides continuing education for managers, professionals and people with disabilities. The training courses are mainly face-to-face, but we are also involved in the creation of distance learning.

Since its creation, ERASME has played a key role at the regional level in the:

  • Development of international relations, and International outgoing and incoming mobility or fellowships (Erasmus +, OFAJ etc.)
  • Development of social work research,
  • Promotion of empowerment / Power to act methods
  • Participation of people with disability or in situation of exclusion, in training courses,

ERASME is based in Toulouse (Occitanie), in the South of France.

Our values and principles

Our organization promotes the values and principles of progressive Education and active teaching methods, contributes to better quality teaching and promotes action as a catalyst for change. Indeed, ERASME aims to transform environments and institutions. By our innovation and activism, we offer new answers in the field of training.

Our aim is to train Professionals

  • Skilled, enlightened and emancipated
  • Empowered and capable of promoting the empowerment of social services users
  • Respectful of human rights
  • Respectful of nature and environment

Professionals dedicaded to

  • The respect for human rights, fundamental freedom and democracy
  • A humanist and inclusive society, respectful of differences
  • Strengthening social rights and social cohesion
  • The societal model which we promote, considers the person (the student, as well as the social service user, or the instructor) in their interactions with their living environment, for sustainable development.

 At ERASME Institut, we transmit knowledge and develop individual and collective skills 

together with instructors, students and the users of social work services

Our assets

ERASME has numerous assets!

  • An Erasmus + certification
  • A high success rate (> 98% for the 2 diplomas - 2020 figures)
  • An active pedagogy, sustained by action research
  • A double degree with the University for the diploma of Specialized Educators
  • High quality trainers with complementary profiles: teacher-researchers, social workers, engineers in training and a network of about a hundred qualified and expert contributors
  • A special place given to students: they sit on the Board of Directors, the School Council and have the authority to act collectively on the organization
  • A human-sized school

ERASMUS + Incoming mobility

As part of the ERASMUS + program, it is possible for foreign students to follow part of ERASME’s courses. ERASME can offer a personalized program.

Your study mobility can be supplemented by a practical internship of less than two months’ duration valued by ECTS credits in the European certification framework. The language of instruction is French. Our institute has the necessary infrastructures to welcome people with reduced mobility.

For more information, please contact: